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Domestic bliss: bestselling homes of 2016 - November 2016

In the Times' Bricks and Mortar supplement today, this article says that 'as rail links improve, house prices rise, employers embrace flexible working conditions and home broadband access improves, living outside the traditional commuter hotspots is becoming increasingly possible for families seeking a bit more for their money.'

It says that Tunbridge Wells is one example where this has happened. Apparently 'a lack of family homes has caused prices in this popular commuter town to soar by £40,000 in the past three months, according to local estate agencies.'  The article says that 'areas on the Kent/East Sussex borders have become popular with the ex-London commuter crowd. The City stockbroker is always going to look for somewhere with quick rail services to London, like Tunbridge Wells. Yet the architect working from home a few days a week is more likely to compromise on a house which is an hour and a half out of the city and has much more space.' The no.1 top dream house is, according to the article, 'a detached house in East Sussex, near the border with Kent.' 

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Investment Property in Folkestone - November 2016

Helen Turner of Property Turner has recently written an article about Folkestone.  Helen says 'Property Turner has recently been instructed to purchase a number of investment properties for an overseas client in Folkestone.  The market in Folkestone for prime apartments in the right part of town seems to buck the trend of markets elsewhere in the county.  At every viewing, there were several other parties viewing at the same time - when did that last happen?  One of the local agents reported putting 41 properties on the market in September and agreeing sales on 21 of those within the same month.  

See Helen's blog for the full article.


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Britain: it's the new American Dream - November 2016

In the Times' Bricks and Mortar supplement, this article says that US buyers are increasingly seeking 'a bolt hole across the Pond' due to a strong dollar to sterling exchange rate.  Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells were among the most popular locations for US buyers in 2015.

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Top 40 commuter hotspots for families - November 2016

The Evening Standard's Homes & Property supplement lists Cranbrook as one of the 50 best commuter locations within an hour of London, representing an 'excellent investment'.  It says the average Cranbrook property is up 15 per cent in the last two years, Cranbrook School, with an Ofsted “outstanding” rating, is one of the top state schools in Britain and from Staplehurst (5 miles away) the commute to Charing Cross takes from an hour and two minutes with an annual season ticket costing £4,772.

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Where to buy a house if you want a seat on the commute - October 2016

In the Sunday Times' Home section today, an article entitled 'The seat on the train - how do you find space of sit down on a rush-hour service to London?' lists commuter stations where it is possible to bag a seat during the morning rush hour.  In Kent, Headcorn is listed with its ancient half-timbered buildings, a village green, a butcher, an ironmonger and a Sainsbury's Local.  It is 58mins to London Bridge and according to the article, 'you can always get a seat between 6.15am and 7.57am from Headcorn - the high-speed service from Ashford to St Pancras has helped to lighten the load'.

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Millionaire rows: the most expensive streets in the UK - September 2016

In the Times' Bricks and Mortar section today, an article talks about as house prices continue to rise, homeowners increasingly hitting the 'seven-digit jackpot'.  Whilst the most expensive area is, not surprisingly, Knightsbridge, Sevenoaks comes in as the 4th richest region having 150 streets where property is worth £1million+.  Property Turner has found properties for many clients in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.

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The welcome return of the buyer's market - September 2016

An article in today's Sunday Times Home supplement discusses the 'welcome return of the buyer's market'. Deal is mentioned as an example of one of the 'once traditional towns along the east Kent coast (which has) reinvented itself as a haven for creatives and foodies'.  It goes on to talk about Deal's 'rebuilt pier, art-house cinema, poetry readings, independent shops and plenty of period homes on its narrow lanes'.  

Property Turner know Deal well, having helped clients buy in the area in recent years.

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How to pick a winner in a slow market - September 2016

In today's Times' Bricks and Mortar supplement, an article entitled 'How to pick a winner in a slow market' lists locations 'tipped for growth despite the uncertain mood (following Brexit)'.  Tunbridge Wells is mentioned as a 'school hotspot' offering parents a good choice of state and independent schools.

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Commuting to London: seven of the best Kent villages less than 60 minutes from the capital - with good schools, shops and pubs - August 2016

In today's Homes & Property section of the Evening Standard, this article lists Goudhurst and Benenden as two of the top Kent commuter villages for London workers. 

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Commuting to London: top 25 areas to buy a home within 60 minutes of the capital - August 2016

The Evening Standard's Homes & Property section lists the top 25 areas to buy homes within 60 minutes' commuting distance of London.

Kent features strongly - Rochester is placed 9th with its 'lovely historic skyline with a castle, cathedral and quaint old town'. Tonbridge is listed 17th with its 'good social life thanks to a theatre, a couple of sports centres and plenty of sports clubs. It has an affluent feel and streets of good Victorian houses in the town centre.'  

Finally East and West Malling come in 25th; West Malling is a 'small market town with a pretty Georgian high street filled with traditional pubs and some good shops' whilst East Malling is a 'proper' village.'

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The coastal vote - July 2016

In today's Sunday Times property supplement, an article entitled 'The coastal vote' lists the best seaside towns to invest in.  Sandwich in Kent is mentioned as a 'living costume-drama set' with 'ancient walls, lovely lanes and a spread of period homes'.  Sandwich is 90 minutes by train from London St Pancras and, according to the article, prices here are only 4% above the county average. Property Turner know the Sandwich area well and have helped clients move to this part of east Kent.

The article also mentions Broadstairs in Kent with its 'olde-worlde nostalgia...with a clifftop promenade, hidden cobbled streets and vintage-inspired cafes'. Horseshoe-shaped Viking Bay is the 'jewel in the crown' but there are many more sweeping sandy beaches.

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The top spots where Britons are 'lexiting' to - July 2016

In today's Sunday Times property supplement, an article claims that 'long before Brexit, 'lexit' was quietly under way with growing numbers of residents leaving London and choosing to make a home elsewhere in Britain.'

According to the article, number three on the list is the southeast, with Kent having its 'usual' steady stream of post-Londoners.  Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells remain favourites, being less than an hour from Charing Cross and with their secondary schools being 'a key draw'.

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The essential guide to leaving London: five top areas with good schools, well-priced homes and commutes of less than an hour - June 2016

An article in today's Evening Standard Homes & Property supplement lists five top areas with good schools, well-priced homes and commutes of less than an hour.  

Number five is East and West Malling - West Malling is a small market town with a pretty Georgian high street filled with traditional pubs and some good shops whilst East Malling is a 'proper' village, according to the article. Property prices in the area have risen by 18% over the last two years and the commute from West Malling to Victoria is only 50 minutes.

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Oh I do like to live beside the seaside - May 2016

According to this year's Halifax Seaside Town Review, British seaside towns have, on average, enjoyed a 32% house price rise over the past decade.  Whitstable on the north east Kent coast is one of the towns with the greatest price rise - a staggering 53%.

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Going places: Deal - May 2016

In today's Home section of the Sunday Times, Deal is listed as the place to move to for its 'independent high street, seaside charm and great value houses'.  The article says that 'arriving in this distinctive little town...has always felt like stepping back in feels unsullied by the worst excesses of the 21st century'.  For the full article, click here.

Property Turner knows Deal and the surrounding area well and has found homes for clients recently in this part of Kent.

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Revealed: the 31 hotspots where house prices will surge now - May 2016

Today's Property section of the Daily Telegraph has published an article entitled 'Revealed: the 31 hotspots where house prices will surge now'.  New research from Savills has revealed where the next wave of house price rises will come due to increased demand. Tunbridge Wells is one of the 31 places where house prices are expected to rise by more than 20% over the next five years.

The article says that Tunbridge Wells is 'increasingly popular with families moving from London and expats returning from overseas...they like the easy commute, the schools and the atmosphere of the town.  There's good architecture, green spaces and entertainment and plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars.'  In addition, 'child-friendly beaches, such as Camber Sands in Rye, are only 23 miles away and it's an easy 55 minute train journey into Charing Cross.'

House price growth in Tunbridge Wells from 2005 - 2015 was 39%.

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2016 Blue Flag and Seaside Award Winners - May 2016

The Blue Flag and Seaside Award winners 2016 include 16 winners from the South East.  An amazing 11 of the 16 South East beaches awarded a Blue Flag are in Kent.  Not surprisingly, stunning Tankerton Beach in Whitstable and Joss, Botany and Stone Bays in Broadstairs are included.

Property Turner has helped several clients buy houses in the north east Kent area.

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Two-thirds of Londoners want to quit the capital: the East and South-East regions top the list for city dwellers in search of a better quality of life - May 2016

An article in the Homes & Property section of the Evening Standard today claims that 'two-thirds of Londoners want to quit the capital:the East and South-East regions top the list for city dwellers in search of a better quality of life'.  

The article mentions Cranbrook as a top commuter hotspot: 'for a town location, beautiful Cranbrook in Kent is hard to beat, with Cranbrook School — rated “outstanding” by Ofsted —  plus good shops and pubs, and commuter trains to Charing Cross from nearby Staplehurst in just over an hour.'

Property Turner is based in Cranbrook and is an area we know extremely well!

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The next hotspots beside the seaside - May 2016

In today's Times property supplement Bricks and Mortar, Deal in Kent is listed as one of the seaside towns set to 'step into the limelight'. The article says that Deal appeals to 'art and seafood fans....with its galleries, indie shops and restaurants.  With a new high-speed rail service, the journey time to the capital has halved and the town has had 23% growth over the last five years.'  It also says that Deal remains cheaper than nearby Whitstable.  'Highly fashionable' Deal is, according to the article, 'a traditional seaside town with an attractive shoreline and old town filled with history, charming Georgian buildings and quaint streets.'

Property Turner knows Deal well and has helped several clients move to area.

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Top 20 Family Friendly Locations in the Home Counties - May 2016

The website Property Detective has published its Top 20 Family Friendly Locations in the Home Counties based on commute time and factors such as playgrounds and parks, nurseries and primary schools, NCT communties and kids activities.  Long Mill Lane in Sevenoaks rates a whopping 81%.  At Property Turner we are great fans of Sevenoaks and have helped many clients move to the area.

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Why we all want to live in a village - April 2016

Today's Times property supplement, Bricks and Mortar, picks up on Strutt and Parker's recent report about village revival.  According to the Times, the 'great British village is back.  A new generation of buyers, from entrepreneurs to yummy mummies, is flocking to rural locations with modern amenities and connectivity, as changes in working patterns and improving transport links help our sleepy countryside to come alive again.'

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New research shows growing trend in desire to move to rural locations - April 2016

In a report published today by estate agents Strutt & Parker, new research shows a growing trend in the desire amongst homeowners to move back to 'amenity rich rural locations':

  • 21% of survey respondents who are moving home said that they wanted to live in a village, making it easily the most popular type of location, compared to 14% for a market town and only 12% for either a big city or a suburb;
  • a significant increase in respondents are looking for rental accommodation. 10% of those wanting to move to a village would live in a professionally managed private rental unit, up from 1% in 2013;
  • ease of access is an important issue for respondents intending to move to a village, with 60% wanting to be able to walk to shops, 48% to local transport and 45% to medical facilities.

Click here for the full article.

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The play's the thing in today's housing market - April 2016

In The Daily Telegraph's Property section today, Tunbridge Wells is listed in an article subtitled 'Buy close to a thriving theatre and you'll enjoy a cultural and financial dividend'.  Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells is mentioned as having 'a busy youth theatre and musical theatre for young players, shows art films as well as live broadcasts from the Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company'.  The article goes on to say that trains from Tunbridge Wells take 43 minutes into London Bridge.

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Two more successful purchases for Property Turner clients off market - April 2016

STOP PRESS: Clients of Property Turner have just exchanged on another property within the Cranbrook School Catchment Area (CSCA) which means that Property Turner have now bought two houses since Christmas 2015 that didn't go anywhere near the internet.  Sales brochures weren't even produced and our clients were the only viewers.

Excellent local contacts are crucial in this market where there is a lack of good housing stock and market knowledge is key to ensure fair prices are struck.

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The top ten spots on the coast - April 2016

In The Times' property supplement Bricks and Mortar today, Ramsgate is listed as the 5th best place to live by the sea due to its 'pretty garden squares, long sandy beaches and affordable period homes'.  It also has 'an organic food market, the boutique Albion House Hotel and a a rail link to London being upgraded and due to reduce travel time to the capital to just over an hour in 2019'.

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20 of the best villages in the south - March 2016

The Times today has published its list of the 20 'best villages in the south'.  Number 19 is Bishopsbourne near Canterbury.  It offers 'genuine rural living' with the perfect location between 'the Kent coast and bustling Canterbury' with good links to London.

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20 hippest places to live in Britain - March 2016

The Times today listed its 20 'Hippest places to live in Britain'.  The East Kent coast - specifically Margate with its Turner Contemporary gallery and revamped retro amusement park, Dreamland - is mentioned, along with Hythe, not far from Dungeness and film maker Derek Jarman's former cottage.  According to the article, Margate had the hottest market outside of London in 2015 with a staggering 24.2% rise in prices between January and November.  The East Sussex coast - Rye, Hastings and St Leonard's - is also listed  

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The Sunday Times Best Places to Live - March 2016

According to the Home supplement in today's Sunday Times, Sevenoaks is the 14th best place to live in the South East, ahead of well regarded areas such as Windsor and Stockbridge in Hampshire.  It claims its place due to the opening of the Weald of Kent satellite grammar school in September 2017 and its excellent rail links to London.  It is also nominated for its independent shops, weekly markets, restaurants and sports clubs.  Property Turner have helped many clients move to the Sevenoaks area - we know it well!

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Cranbrook School confirms admission of Year 7 in 2017 - March 2016

In a statement on the school's website today, Dr Weeds, the headmaster of top performing Kent grammar Cranbrook School has confirmed that the Secretary of State has permitted the school to admit Yr7 pupils from September 2017.  There will be 30 places available to successful candidates from that date.  Entry for September 2017 will be via the Kent 11+ Test.  See the school's website for further information.

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Deal in Kent: the charming seaside town - March 2016

An article published in this month's Kent Life talks about Deal - 'the charming seaside town' with its 'lovely beachfront, buzzing High Street and warm community feel'.  PropertyTurner knows the town well - we have helped a client buy a property there recently.

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Five of the UK's most romantic villages - March 2016

According to an article published today by Country Living magazine, Goudhurst, in the Weald of Kent, is the second most romantic village in their survey.  PropertyTurner has helped several clients move to, or close to Goudhurst, as we know it is very much one of the jewels of the Weald.

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Top-performing spa towns - February 2016

The Times' property supplement, Bricks & Mortar, has published an article today about top-performing spa towns in the UK.  Not surprisingly, Tunbridge Wells is listed first due to its proximity to London and the grammar school system in Kent.  One estate agent in the town claims that 4 in 10 of his buyers are those moving out of London.

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The spire factor: why we love a cathedral - February 2016

The Times' property supplement, Bricks & Mortar, has published an article about how the mix of urban pleasures and great architecture makes towns and cities with a cathedral such a draw.  Canterbury is mentioned for its fast link to London (under an hour), its excellent schools and its UNESCO World Heritage status.

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Rightmove names hot-spot where homes typically take 16 days to sell - February 2016

Rightmove has released data today naming hot spot areas where homes typically only take 16 days to sell.  The fastest selling hotspots outside of London are dominated by London commuter counties, including Kent where, according to the report, the majority of properties are increasing in value over 10% annually.

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State boarding: character-building schools - February 2016

The Daily Telegraph's Education section has an interesting article about the 38 state boarding schools in England.  Cranbrook School is given prominence and it makes for interesting reading about the achievements and aims of Cranbrook School as well as information about the school from a boarding perspective.

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Secondary school league tables reveal seven property hotspots - February 2016

The Homes & Property supplement of the Evening Standard ran an article today on their list of commuter towns boasting top state schools.  Number six on the list is Tonbridge, and Tonbridge Grammar School.  At Property Turner, we know that Tonbridge is a good bet - a direct train link to Charing Cross in 45 minutes, good value period properties, excellent schools and beautiful countryside on the doorstep.

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Sevenoaks' new grammar to be co-ed from 2018 - January 2016

The chair of governors at Weald of Kent Grammar School, which is opening a girls' annexe grammar school in Sevenoaks in September 2017, has confirmed that from September 2018, the annexe will have a co-ed sixth form of about 200 students.  The Weald of Kent Grammar currently has a mixed sixth form.  It is anticipated that a co-ed sixth form in Sevenoaks will free up many sixth form places at the boys' grammars in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells from September 2018 onwards.

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Moving to the Country? Britain's liveliest and most idyllic winter villages - January 2016

The property section of The Daily Telegraph today lists villages which are best in the colder months, with cosy pubs, wintry walks and cultural pursuits on the doorstep.  Number five on the list is Deal, with its Saturday market, wine bars showcasing local art and quaint fishermen's cottages lining the streets behind the pebble beach and long pier. 'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas is believed to be the latest holiday home 'catch'.  The article goes on to say that Deal is beginning to challenge Whitstable, its more well-known neighbour.

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The 50 best places to live near London - January 2016

Country Life has just published its list of 'The 50 Best Places to Live near London'.  As we know at Property Turner, it is perfectly possible to find rural idylls within an hour's radius of a London terminus.  Picking out attractive and community-minded villages and towns within a 15 minute drive from the station, it is no surprise that in Kent, according to Country Life, the best places to live are Langton Green (nr Tunbridge Wells), Cranbrook (with its high performing grammar school), Aldington (well placed for its proxmity to the M20 and the high speed link at Ashford), Penshurst (west of Tonbridge on the northern slopes of the Weald), Westerham and Otford (both picturesque villages close to Sevenoaks).

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Buying in commuterland - January 2016

The Daily Telegraph has recently run an article about the top 73 commuter hotspots.  It comes as no surprise at all to us at Property Turner that the ever favourite commuter's choice - Sevenoaks - comes at a mighty number 6, beating illustrious rivals such as Amersham, Windsor, Walton on Thames and St Albans.  With a journey time to central London just 33 minutes, and with an abundence of elegant, handsome housing stock, it is easy to see why Sevenoaks always features so highly. Despite the slow down in the central London property market, the commuter belt remains 'red hot' according to one expert, with house hunters looking further afield to places such as Ashford, itself no slouch in the commuter market, with the high speed train taking just 36 minutes to St Pancras.

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Property hotspots 2016 - January 2016

The Times' property supplement, Bricks & Mortar, has published its list of predicted property hotspots for 2016.  As we know at Property Turner, Kent attracts many Londoners seeking greenery, good transport links, established infrastructure and well regarded schools.  The Times' article lists Tunbridge Wells as its number 4 'hotspot' with its smart boutiques, range of restaurants, Georgian colonnade of shops and cafes in the Pantiles, excellent schools and green spaces. 

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Living by the sea, working in London - March 2015

This weekend the Saturday Telegraph ran an article called 'From Seaside to City' where can you live by the seaside and still work in London. Whitstable and Hastings get a mention. We would also add St Margaret's Bay, Deal, Folkestone and Camber and Rye - a little further out, but the fast train makes these places accessible and good value. 

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What is to become of our high streets: Sevenoaks and Deal are thriving but Cranbrook? - March 2015

The dilemma we all face as to the future of the small high streets is very hard. Here in Kent we have some thriving high streets. Sevenoaks, for example, is trading well and the new Marks and Spencers is a real bonus. Sevenoaks is a 25 minute commute into the City and therefore attracts an affluent population. Deal also manages to thrive, winning the Daily Telegraph 'High Street of the Year' award in 2014. Here there are a selection of great independent shops mixed with the usual multiple offerings. Perhaps one of Deal's plus points is that it is quite a long way to anywhere else, Canterbury can be 35 – 40 minutes away. Also there is a good sized Sainsburys actually in the town.


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Lots of press recently about what a great place Kent is to live - March 2015

Frittenden named as one of the top 50 places to live in the countryside by The Sunday Times Guide to Countryside Living (March 2015)

'Let's Move to Cranbrook and Goudhurst' (the Guardian March 2015)

Goudhurst named as one of Britain's millionaire villages (Saturday Telegraph March 2015)

They can't all be wrong, Kent is a great place to live!!

Plus the Times 'Bricks and Mortar' (March 2015):  'How a search agent can save you money on a home'  

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Why we love St Margaret's Bay, Kingsdown and Deal - November 2014

Property Turner has been acting for a client wishing to purchase a second home from which he can hear the sea when he wakes and works at home. It also has to be accessible to London, and with some great coffee shops and restaurants. Deal fits the bill perfectly and in this article we describe the area in geater detail.


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Rye and its environs: a kite surfer's paradise - November 2014

Property Turner has been looking at other Kent seaside options, and this article considers Rye and Camber Sands


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Things are really happening in Ashford - January 2014

Ashford town centre has never been great, think how Balham High Street used to be and you are about there. W H Smiths, Boots, small M&S which has a Food Hall, Debenhams and H and M are in the new shopping centre, a great orthodontist and Lidl. Obviously there are other shops; charity shops, pet shops, card shops etc. and its ok for everyday shopping but not going to wow you. 

However out of town is another story and things are really happening:

The Designer Outlet
This has recently stepped up several gears. It used to be a bunch of sports retailers and has always been great for kids trainers but last year it just seemed to morph into a place you wanted to go to. Superdry opened as did Abercrombie and Fitch, Wagamammas and Pizza Express. There are also some great outdoor shops that makes it an excellent place to go for ski gear. Add to that a Bose outlet, Fat Face, Phase 8, Calvin Klein Underwear, Molton Brown, Crabtree and Evelyn, Links of London and all of a sudden you have a place that's worth a family outing and is great for present shopping. 

John Lewis 
John Lewis opened a Homestore in November 2012, just next to the M20/ A20 junction close to the Cineworld cinema. There was queuing for the car park over the festive period but it now seems to have settled into a really nice store, decent size, good cafe, excellent facility to have in Ashford. 

As far as supermarket shopping goes Ashford has everything you could want with a large new Waitrose, huge Sainsbury's Superstore and the all encompassing Tesco's Extra.

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Poor weather affects housing market - April 2013

The very long winter has affected many aspects of the Kent countryside, towns and villages. The daffodils, bluebells and primroses are only just showing their colours, the lambs have been braving hail and snow and the farmers wait to see what percentage of their crops will continue to fruition later in the year. The poor weather has also adversely affected the housing market with a very late start to the traditional Easter rush. There are noticeably fewer houses for sale than this time last year.  

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Sevenoaks, a dream for young families - April 2013

Whilst other areas in Kent are slow in getting the spring rush of homebuyers, Sevenoaks is showing a very strong market that continues to attract young families  relocating to the countryside from London. There are many attractive areas to live in and around Sevenoaks with the highly desirable Kippington Road achieving over £3 million.  Most of the activity has been between £1.75 - £3 million market with accountants, solicitors and bankers leading the charge and keeping the Sevenoaks housing market very bullish at this time.  

Property Turner search agents in Kent can help you find your ideal home in Sevenoaks.

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Cranbrook ranks as third best town - April 2013

Here at Property Turner we know just how fabulous living in the Cranbrook, Sevenoaks and Ashford areas is, so it is no surprise to us that Cranbrook was recently ranked as the third best town in Britain by The Times newspaper. Described as an "achingly pretty market town", Cranbrook really does tick a lot of boxes. An excellent commute, with good state and independent schools plus the beautiful Kent countryside really do make it a fantastic place to live and we are thrilled it has been recognised as such.

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New look for Property Turner - November 2012

Welcome to our new look! Property Turner has launched its new website and we hope you like it.  As an ever expending business we felt that a new look and more information was important. There will be regular news updates covering a variety of topics relevant to purchasing or renting property in the Kent area. Check back often and see what's happening!

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Catherine Daniells joins Property Turner - October 2012

Property Turner are delighted to announce that Catherine Daniells has joined the team. Catherine brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge having grown up in Sevenoaks, and after returning from London where she worked as an accountant, is now living in Sevenoaks with her family.  Catherine has first hand experience of the schools in Sevenoaks, having attended herself and now with her own children. Having always had a keen interest in property, Catherine is the eyes and ears on the ground for Property Turner in Sevenoaks and ideally placed to help you purchase or rent your perfect home in the area.  

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left_quote My wife and I had been renting in the area for 18 months and felt that we weren't getting anywhere with purchasing a house.  We were both very busy and and have a young family and house hunting just wasn't taking priority. Also, we weren't clear on what we actually...more ...left_quote

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